Reasons Why Pest Control Management Is Beneficial

20 May 2020


Pests control management ensures that all of the critters which are running around in your office are correctly removed. What this does is not only remove the pests, but the diseases which they carry and spread. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and animals alike. Th... read more

Washroom Hygiene Solutions For Your Office After Lockdown

20 May 2020

When this extended lockdown is finally over, our hygiene company understands that the return to work will be tentative. Those of us returning to offices that have been closed during the current state of emergency, will likely find an unwelcoming setting, as far as hygiene is concerned. Those s... read more

Preventing the Spread Of COVID-19

19 March 2020

Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes It may seem like something which is common knowledge but not all of us cover our coughs and sneezes, and at times we have all been guilty of not doing it on occasion. Having said this, one way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is by ensuring ... read more

Facts About COVID-19

19 March 2020

What Is COVID-19? The coronavirus forms part of a large family of viruses which cause issues with health, such as the common cold, as well as leading to illnesses which can affect the body in a much more dangerous way. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, is an illness which... read more

Advantages of a Pest Control Plan for Your Business

9 March 2020

Pests are everywhere and come in many different forms. When they overrun your business, it can be extremely difficult to get them under control, which can be damaging to your business. Pests spread germs, make for an unpleasant working environment and contaminate stock and supplies that you ... read more

Improving Work Efficiency with Office Hygiene

25 February 2020

Maintaining good office hygiene is essential for running a successful business. Everything from workstations to washrooms and kitchens needs to be kept clean, and neglecting to do so can lead to a number of problems for your business. Nevertheless, by enacting the right office, kitchen and read more

Why Pest Control Matters

29 January 2020

It is hard having to come up with pest control solutions on your own, especially when you do not know the first thing about riding your office environment of pests. It starts out as the sighting of a tiny roach hurrying across the countertop or the surprise visit of a rat scattering... read more

Hygiene Consumables And Maintaining Personal Hygiene

29 January 2020

A common misconception in any office environment is individuals believing that hygiene only needs to be focused on in the washroom. This, however, is not the case. Germs, bacteria and dust travel throughout your building with each individual entering your doors and can spread to other areas of your ... read more

Business Bathroom Etiquette

12 December 2019

Business etiquette can get you far, whether that be in the boardroom, during networking events, in the canteen or even in the washroom. For some, the office toilet is where their most pressing daily business is conducted, so to speak, and these tips on washroom etiquette will ensure that everyone... read more

Should Your Business Order Cleaning Consumables Online?

12 December 2019

Every business has a need for certain consumables, whether they are for cleaning or the comfort of staff and guests. Although those needs may differ from business to business, running a hygienic working environment requires you to have stock of these cleaning supplies. Here at Bidvest St... read more

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