Why You Should Deep Clean Your Office Bathrooms

deep cleaning of bathroom sinks | Bidvest Steiner

It is no mystery to anyone who shares a bathroom with everyone else at the office that the bathrooms need to be cleaned more. These bathrooms go through a lot more and see a lot more traffic. So it is understandable why they need to be cleaned more often and more thoroughly. It is for the health and safety of everyone in the office as well as for a longer life span of all the equipment. Bathrooms need to be kept clean to keep germs, and mould from spreading and making everyone sick. And of course, it is a great assistance in odour control!

Health Hazards
Bathrooms are notorious germ hotspots. Something everyone was taught as a child is that you need to wash your hands after using the bathroom to kill the germs. However, this kills the germs on our hands, but not on the surface of everything that is in the bathroom, that we still touch. By killing the germs and bacteria in these bathrooms, it is minimizing the spread of diseases around the office and into the staff members’ homes.

Keeping the Structure
A clean bathroom is not only helpful to the people who use it, but to the actual structure itself. By deep cleaning a bathroom, one is cleaning out the build-up in the piping system. This will allow for the pipes and toilets to last for much longer and reduce the risk of over flows and system blockage. This will keep the bathrooms working well, and of course controlling any unpleasant odours.

Bidvest Steiner
Bidvest Steiner offers a deep cleaning solution to complement the regular and daily cleaning habits. This includes a deep clean of the bathroom that goes beyond the toilet, but it includes a chemical disinfection of the basins, and the tiles to create a greater level of cleanliness and hygiene in the work place bathroom. Visit their website to get them to deep clean your office bathrooms!

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