The Dirtiest Surfaces You Touch in Everyday Life

You may think that human life is the dominant species on our planet, but chances are that the most successful forms of life are those that are microbial in nature.

That is to say bacterium, in all its forms and complexities, is everywhere, and often inescapable. It clings to surfaces wherever it can be found, spreads and causes infections.

In fact, it is so rife, that you won’t need to go routing through a waste-pile to find it, some of the objects that you come into contact with on a daily basis, in fact, hold the largest concentrations of bacteria and germs that you could imagine.

Let’s take a look at some of them here:

Office Keyboards

The surface of your computer keyboard might look presentable, but that doesn’t account for what lurks beneath those gnarled little keys.

In fact, it is estimated that keyboards hold as much as three times more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

Escalator Rails

Escalator handrails are touched by thousands of people on a daily basis, especially in places that see a lot of foot-traffic. Have you ever seen one get cleaned?

They are, in fact, rated as some of the filthiest surfaces you can come across, with tests having found traces of food, E. coli, urine, mucus, blood and other unmentionable fluids you would rather not read about.

Your Mobile Phone

Here’s a fun fact. The average phone has 25 000 germs on it per square inch, making it one of the dirtiest possessions you own.

Washing your hands before using your phone can reduce this, but they are still fairly gross; and let’s be fair, not many people would wash their hands each time they use their phone. Instead, regularly sanitise your phone to reduce the concentrations of bacteria on it.

The trouble with phones is that they don’t only make contact with your hands, they get fairly close to your mouth as well.

Bidvest Steiner: For Your Corporate Cleaning Needs

These are just a few of the objects that you come into contact with on a daily basis that aid in the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria. In a working environment where multiple people share a space, these germs are spread at an even more rapid rate.

Because of this, it is essential for your business to enact strict hygiene control in its premises, encouraging staff and guests to make use of provided hygiene facilities.

If you would like your business to take better control of its hygiene, contact a hygiene company that you can rely on to get it right. Speak to a representative from Bidvest Steiner today, or visit our website for additional details on our offers.

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