Robo Falcon: The Bird Control of the Future

Roboraptor on a roof, used in bird control


Birds play a significant role in the South African experience, whether you’re exploring the bush, enjoying the beach, or immersing yourself in the city’s hustle and bustle. However, issues such as noise, mess, and property damage can detract from their appeal. In this blog, we will explore the importance of bird control, the risks associated with certain bird species, and innovative solutions to address these challenges.

The Impact of Birds on Health and Property

South Africa’s diverse bird population can pose health risks, with pigeons being carriers of over 60 different diseases. For example: E. coli, St. Louis encephalitis, and Salmonellosis. To those ends, protecting yourself and your property is crucial.

Traditional Bird Control Methods

While scarecrows have long been associated with deterring birds in fields and vegetable patches, their effectiveness diminishes over time, especially with intelligent species like crows. We need more reliable and advanced solutions.

Introducing Innovative Bird Control Solutions

In the quest for effective bird control, cutting-edge products have emerged. Bidvest Steiner, a leader in the industry, introduces the Robo Falcon, a revolutionary autonomous and robotic Peregrine Falcon.

Robo Falcon: Your Automated Guardian

Designed to keep unwanted bird species at bay, the Robo Falcon capitalizes on birds’ inherent fear of Peregrines. Then through lifelike movements of its head and wings, accompanied by authentic sounds, it creates the illusion of a protective falcon defending its territory.


The Future is Here

Robo Falcon and Beyond

Utilizing a GSM system, the Robo Falcon ensures continuous functionality by sending regular health status updates and alarms. For added effectiveness, it can be paired with a flying kite in the shape of a falcon, effortlessly scaring roosting birds from your rooftops.

Choosing a Smart, Non-Harmful Solution to pigeons, hadedas, crows and more

Protect your property from noise, damage, and potential health risks associated with bird infestations. As a result, our innovative and humane Robo Falcon system offers a reliable and efficient approach to bird control.


Don’t let bothersome birds disrupt your work. Explore advanced bird control solutions that prioritize your health and property. Take action now by contacting Bidvest Steiner to schedule a consultation and learn how the Robo Falcon can be your ultimate bird control solution. Protect your surroundings, free from the disturbances caused by pigeons, hadedas, crows, and other unwanted avian guests.

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