Raise Your Sweeping Game

The act of sweeping is a peculiar one. It is a pretty basic and a rudimentary act that is taken for granted but truth remains, it is something that we cannot do without. Now you may argue that there is no need for it as long as you have a vacuum. However, sweeping is not only an effective means of maintaining a clean floor, it can also give you a workout when done rigorously. Ironically, there are still people out there who do not have a strong handle on sweeping (no pun intended). That said, here are some great tips to help you raise your sweeping game.

  • Locate a broom that is suited for your floor type (have a look at our fantastic range of high-quality brooms). Smoother surfaces are a lot more adaptable to varying broom styles. Brooms with angled edges are great for getting dirt out of those hard to reach places.
  • Ensure that your broom is at a comfortable height, and not too heavy to manage so that sweeping does not become a herculean labour.
  • Get a firm grip on the handle, taking cognisance of not keeping your hands too close together and instead of pulling the dirt heap from one room to another, choose a starting point for each room and then pile the dirt into a certain section. Ideally you should dump the dirt as soon as you pile it so you reduce the chance of it being scattered by wind or somebody accidentally kicking it
  • Whether it is short quick motions or long sweeping motions, choose whichever sweeping style that you are most comfortable with.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water. Then take a section of newspaper and get it damp by squirting it with the spray bottle. The pieces of paper do not have to be all over the floor but they should be strategically arranged so that it covers adequate surface area. The damp pieces of paper will stop the dust from permeating the air when you sweep.
  • You must keep continuous contact with the floor, taking heed not to press the broom strands down into the floor as it will damage the bristles.
  • Make the effort to regularly clean your broom. After you wash your broom, you must dry it thoroughly upside down, to lessen the risk of bristles from being bent or damaged.

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