Have You Seen the Volcanic Range of Hygiene Solutions?

The Volcanic Range of hygiene solutions from Bidvest Steiner offers your business state of the art hygiene solutions that take care of your daily needs. These products are designed with the specific hygiene needs of your business in mind; offering sophistication, style, functionality and value in equal measure.

Volcanic Wall Bins and Towel Cabinets

The Volcanic Range offers wall bins that are compact and mounted for simple cleaning. Our Wall bins offer a liner clip so that you do not have the plastic bag hanging over the bin, while a high capacity for waste reduces the frequency at which it needs to be emptied.

The touch free Volcanic Mystique paper towel dispenser offers a sensor operation to eliminate cross-contamination as well as adjustable length, timing and sensor settings that can be customised to suit your requirements. They are also simple to maintain, lockable, and provide noiseless operation.

The manual Volcanic paper towel cabinet also has a control consumption to reduce wastage even through hand-to-paper operation. They are also easy to maintain, lockable and are ideal for washrooms that are used frequently.

She Bins

The Volcanic Range offers she-bins that are compact, free-standing and offers an innovative reversable lid, which means the sanitary bin can be placed on either side of the cubicle for better space usage. We offer flexible service intervals that meet your needs every 7, 14 or 28 days, which is done so with an environmentally friendly approach.

Volcanic Toilet Roll Holders and Auto Sanitisers

The Volcanic Range offers toilet roll holders that are lockable to prevent pilferage of toilet paper, and can have the consumables inspected at a glance thanks to an inspection window. They are simple to refill and offer optimal capacity making them ideal for any working environment.

The auto sanitiser dispenser provides a powerful environmentally friendly cleaning enzyme on demand and dispense automatically to prevent malodour and build up in your toilets and urinals. These units are lockable and can be fitted into any bathroom requirement with ease.

Volcanic Range

The Volcanic Range of dispensers also includes soap, hand and seat sanitiser dispensers, she-packet dispensers and air fresheners.

Volcanic soap dispensers are available in a manual and a touch free sensor unit to suit any business or bathroom requirements. By using soap, hand sanitiser and seat sanitisers in conjunction with one another, you can ensure your washrooms and cubicles remain hygienic.

Volcanic she-packet dispensers offer improved discretion and sanitary hygiene. They are wall mounted, have no dirt traps, and prevent wastage by dispensing one bag at a time.

Smart and compact, our Volcanic air freshener dispensers fit conveniently and seamlessly into any setting. By delivering metered sprays of concentrated fragrance that consists of super-fine odour neutralising fragrance molecules, they don’t simply hide unpleasant odours, but actually work to eliminate them.

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