Drying Your Hands, As Important As Washing Them

Drying Your Hands, As Important As Washing Them | Bidvest Steiner

In fact, it’s already broadly known that proper hand washing can safeguard you from common infections and diseases like the flu and even common cold.
Everyone thinks they are washing their hands correctly. Water, soap, scrub and rinse, right? Not exactly. A large part of the hand washing process is being disregarded: hand drying.

The importance of hand-drying

Hand drying concludes the much-advocated habit of regular hand washing. It is the final act that ultimately avoids the spread of bacteria after hand washing.
Many individuals overlook the need to correctly dry their hands. They end up walking out of the restroom with some bacteria still adhering to the moisture of their inner palms.
Properly drying your hands after washing controls how safe you essentially are from those germs and bacteria you do not want getting into your system. Drying hands after correctly washing them is particularly effective against the much-feared salmonella and E.coli bacteria.
Wet hands offer a more conducive environment for these dangerous bacteria, so it is essential to ensure that the hands are properly dried after washing.

Your hand drying choices

Did you know that the hands can house as much as 200 million bacteria after a visit to the lavatory? These studies have also showed that the bacteria will be moved onto as many as 16 other objects during the course of the day.
The common services used in public places for hand drying are the paper towel and the electric hand dryers.

Bidvest Steiner

At Bidvest Steiner your hygiene and health is of vital importance to us. We can provide your business with the best hand washing and hand drying equipment and consumables around ensuring a healthy and happy staff force. These include paper towel dispensers as well as electric hand dryers providing your business with all its hand drying equipment needs. Visit the Bidvest Steiner website for a quote today!

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