Business Bathroom Etiquette

Business etiquette can get you far, whether that be in the boardroom, during networking events, in the canteen or even in the washroom.

For some, the office toilet is where their most pressing daily business is conducted, so to speak, and these tips on washroom etiquette will ensure that everyone gets to feel comfortable during these parts of their day:

Don’t Stall in the Stall

We all have that co-worker who seemingly takes hours in the bathroom. It’s like clockwork each day. And while they get the comforts of their daily toilet time, their co-workers simply have to hold on until they are done.

In more cramped offices, this can be a real problem for those who need the toilet. So, leave your phone at your desk to avoid distractions and get it done quickly for the sake of those around you.

Drop the Lid when Flushing

When toilets are flushed, they create what is called the sneeze effect, whereby the swirl of the water actually ejects unwanted bacteria into the air, which will eventually settle on surfaces in the bathroom in wait to infect unsuspecting users.

To stop this from happening and better protecting the hygiene of your work environment, simply close the lid before flushing. If you don’t want to touch the lid, that is perfectly understandable: consider using a seat sanitiser to wipe it down before flushing.

Use the Containers Provided

Don’t throw feminine products in the toilet, and wherever bathrooms are rigged up to septic tank systems, try not to flush any solids at all.

Rather use the bins provided. This will ensure that there are no blockages and that your office washroom remains a more hygienic place for everyone.

A tip for men at the urinal: stand a little further back from the urinal so that nothing splashes back at you. Standing about 2 cm away from the urinal should be fine.

The Bathroom isn’t a Boardroom

There is only one type of business that needs to be done in-office bathrooms, and it’s not the type that makes you profitable.

Keep your conversations outside. This will ensure that you don’t take up too much bathroom time, but will also stop others from having to have those awkward bathroom conversations that they would rather not have.

No Surprise Supplies

When supplies start running out, be sure to inform someone so that the next person in there has what they need to get the job done. Leaving them to discover what is missing will only make their trip to the office bathroom unpleasant.

Contact Bidvest Steiner for Details

The last tip is to always keep your office washroom as clean as possible. If you would like to know more about our offers on washroom cleaning supplies for your office, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Bidvest Steiner today.

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