Silver Fish Treatment

    Also known as Fishmoths these insects with their shape tapering from the head to the rear and generally covered with scales in a fishlike manner Which is how they got their nickname. They also have an identifiable 3 long bristle type appendages as the end of their bodies.

    Silver Fish will hide during the day in cracks and crevices and can roam a vast distance to find a food source where they will remain. They are noticed by leaving yellow stains, scales and irregular feeding marks, holes or notches along an edge or surface. They are often brought in by cardboard boxes or paper and will damage your clothes and paper materials by feeding on them.

    To disturb them in a simple manner, all clothing and clutter should be repacked regularly to disturb them and force them to move on.

    Bidvest Steiner will recommend a monthly treatment of Silver fish. Treatments can range from powers or sprays dependent on the findings noted by our qualified pest control operators during the inspection and service.



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