Liquid Dispenser Stainless Steel Range

Soap Dispenser
– Closed cartridge system to ensure no cross contamination when decanting
– Hidden locking system to prevent pilferage
– Large view window for at-a-glance maintenance
– Unit is neatly installed against the wall
– No leaking or dripping
– Top up option also available

Hand Sanitiser
– Sanitise your hands without water, soap, and towels
– Proven 99.9% kill of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin, reducing cross-contamination and helping prevent the spread of diseases
– Dries quickly and leaves a soft, non-sticky feel
– Natural moisturising ingredients help retain the skin’s moisture

Pink Hand Soap (1l; 5l; 25l)
White Hand Soap (1l; 5l; 25l)
Anti-Bac Hand Soap (1l; 5l; 25l)
Hand Lotion (1l; 5l; 25l)
Shower Gel (1l; 5l; 25l)
Sanitising Hand Gel (1l)
Sanitising Hand Gel (1l; 70% alcohol)

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