Folded Paper Towels 1 Ply

Bidvest Steiner supplies single-ply folded paper towels for commercial and domestic use.  

Single-ply folded paper towels offer a convenient and practical solution for various cleaning and drying needs. Designed for efficiency, these towels are typically made from highly absorbent materials, allowing them to soak up spills and moisture quickly and easily. Their compact folded design makes them easy to store and dispense, fitting neatly into dispensers for effortless accessibility. Whether in busy commercial settings or everyday household use, single-ply folded paper towels provide a reliable and hygienic option for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. Their cost-effectiveness and disposability make them popular for tasks ranging from wiping surfaces to drying hands, offering a simple yet effective solution for everyday sanitation requirements. 

Available in various sizes and packaging: 

  • 240 x 324 (120 C-fold sheets) 
  • 240 x 324 (100 C-fold sheets) 
  • 240 x 335 (120 interfold sheets) 
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