Flick Duster

Bidvest Steiner supplies flick dusters for commercial and domestic use. These dusters are designed to dust and remove light debris from surfaces. They are typically made of soft feathers attached to a wooden handle.

Flick dusters are ideal for cleaning and dusting furniture like tables, shelves, bookcases, and cabinets. The soft feathers effectively pick up dust and small particles without scratching delicate surfaces like wood or glass. They are also excellent for dusting delicate decorations, trinkets, and collectables that might be challenging to clean with regular cloths or dusters.

In addition, flick dusters can easily clean between the slats of blinds and remove dust from curtains without causing any damage. They are great for reaching high places, such as ceiling corners and light fixtures, to remove cobwebs and dust from lampshades, chandeliers, and ceiling fans, and the soft bristles are less likely to damage these delicate items.

Flick dusters are most effective for removing light dust and debris. If you encounter heavy dirt, grime, or sticky substances, you may need other cleaning methods or products to thoroughly clean.

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