Water Conservation: 3 Changes That Will Make a Big Difference

7 March 2018

Water is an unavoidable and crucial resource, the list of uses are endless. So as we all know, prevention is better than cure when it comes to most things, if not everything. The drought in the Western Cape has brought much concern to the rest of the country and is an indication that waiting until the rivers run dry is a horrendous idea. Steiner has listed 3 changes we could implement in our daily consumption of this essential resource.

Daily Water-Use Changes

There are so many small changes you could make you decrease your daily water consumption. Get everyone involved by placing reminders where possible, old habits die hard, so a gentle nudge in the right direction does not hurt.
• When you absolutely have to use the taps, make sure that you close it tightly before walking away.
• Use a cup to rinse your mouth when brushing your teeth instead of running the tap.
• Wash dishes once a day or if you use a dish washing machine, make sure that it is filled to the brim before washing the dishes.
• Instead of using a hosepipe when washing your car, use a bucket.

Water Plants In the Morning

Watering landscaping and plants in the early hours of the day means that the lower temperatures help to keep the soil moist therefore water is absorbed quicker and into the roots. This also means that water will not be lost to evaporation. This is also beneficial to the plants as they will be to handle the warmer temperatures as the day progresses. The best way to save water on landscaping and indoor plants is to get professional irrigation services.

Consider Using the Greywater Solution

Consider using the greywater solution which is waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances that can be used to flush and water non food-producing plants. We say consider this option as diseases may breakout if not followed properly. Do your research and see what works for you.

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