Washroom Appliances Your Office Cannot Do Without

30 August 2018

Any hygiene company will tell you that the most crucial cleaning tasks take place in the office washroom. With so many people in and out and with such a potential to create an unsavoury environment, the washroom needs special care and appliances to ensure that it is kept clean, germ-free, comfortable and safe to use. If you are setting up an office environment, then seeing to the hygiene needs of the washroom is a crucial task. To help you with that, here are some of the appliances that your office cannot afford to be without.

Hand Washing and Drying Equipment

Hand washing equipment is one of the most basic hygiene solutions needed for your office, and will go a long way towards setting up a germ-free office space. The best approach is to opt for a soap dispenser that has a high enough capacity for everyone in the office. Additionally, drying equipment such as a towel dispenser should also be provided, since drying is an important part of the cleaning process.

Cubicle Care and Urinal Maintenance

Every toilet cubicle in the office should have a steady supply of toilet paper, making their dispensers an important addition to the bathroom. Those with lockable central chambers will ensure that the supply is uninterrupted, while also protecting from pilferage. Additionally, urinals need to be kept clean using sanitisers, auto-flush systems or fresh screens to minimise the spread of bacteria.

Sanitary Hygiene

Disposing of sanitary products must be handled properly, discreetly and hygienically in any environment, and the need is more concentrated in an office. Because of this, ladies washrooms should offer she-bins and sanitary packets to ensure that sanitary waste is safely disposed of.

Deep Cleaning Services

For additional protection from germs, regular deep cleaning should be done in the bathrooms, above and beyond daily cleaning tasks. This ensures that the workplace bathroom is properly and thoroughly disinfected. This is important since toilets and urinal pipes tend to gather a collection of stubborn, though unwanted matter, which can lead to blockages and flooding.

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