The Benefits Of IPM

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4 July 2018

Pests are a constant problem to various types of industries and cause major losses to profits or staff. Integrated Pest Management approach includes preventive and counteractive measures to keep pests from causing substantial problems, with minimal risk or threat to humans and desirable components of their environment. IPM is a flexible, dynamic strategy, which needs updating every so often as information is received from management practice results. IPM packages have a proven track record of considerably reducing the risks related to pesticides while improving the quality, health & happiness of an environment.
Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies can benefit your corporation economically due to continued development, increased productivity and less pest damage. The possibilities that IPM can offer make exclusive reliance upon artificial pesticides a thing of the past. In the long-term, everyone benefits from a healthier environment.

Some of the benefits of an integrated method are as follows:

• Encourages sound structures and healthy plants

• Encourages the sustainable bio-based pest management substitutes.

• Lessens the ecological risk associated with pest management by inspiring the adoption of more ecologically kind control tactics

• Decreases the potential for air and ground water contamination

• Safeguards the species not being targeted through reduced effects of pest management activities

• Decreases the need for pesticides by using numerous pest management methods

• Lessens or eliminates issues related to pesticide residue

• Lessens or eliminates re-entry interval restrictions

• Decreases employee, renter and public exposure to pesticides

• Takes away the public worry about pest & pesticide-related practices

• Preserves or raises the cost-effectiveness of pest management packages

Bidvest Steiner

The importance of having a pest free working environment cannot be stressed enough. Saving money, preventing the spread of germs and providing a healthy working environment are just a few of the main benefits of integrated pest management.
Bidvest Steiner specialises in pest control management for commercial setups. Contact one of our consultants today or visit our website to find out more about our services.

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