The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Pest Management

6 February 2019

Every place of work, whether it be in the industrial, construction, retail, commercial or service industry, needs to stay on top of its pest control management if they are to protect the personnel who frequent their premises. Pests are known to attract contaminants and bacteria to areas, adding to an unhygienic environment, and let’s face it, also contribute to your premises being somewhat of an eyesore.
Still, there is a responsibility placed on business owners to opt for solutions that are sustainable and friendly to the environment. Handling pest control with little care can have wide-spread, unwanted implications for the environment.

Contaminants in Natural Resources
Humans like to think that our place in the world is fairly secure, but when you think about the state of the natural resources that we need to live, things start to look a little more precarious. We need a supply of clean air and water, most notably, both of which can be easily contaminated by the presence of harmful pesticides that render these resources toxic. This has a long-lasting negative effect on the health of not only humans, but animals and plants as well.

Damage to the Ecosystem
The natural world is a network of carefully balanced organisms that rely on each other, particularly for food. The use of poisons can have a wider impact on the ecosystem. Here is an example of how.
Imagine that you lay down a rat-trap, one that isn’t great for the environment. A rat ingests it as intended, and far from dying immediately, it roams off first, perhaps in search of water. That rat then gets eaten by a bird, which is now also contaminated, it takes the food back to its nest and feeds its chicks with it, which are now also contaminated. At this rate you can see how easily the damage from dangerous pesticides and poisons can spread to other parts of the ecosystem.

Risks to Our Own Food Supply
If care for natural resources and the ecosystem isn’t enough to convince you, consider how the above forms of contamination can affect our own food supply. Contaminated water might be used to feed animals or water crops, which in turn arrive on our plates with higher levels of toxicity in them. All of this could have been avoided with the use of environmentally friendly products.

Contact Bidvest Steiner for Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Solutions
Here at Bidvest Steiner we are committed to providing our clients with pest control management solutions that keep the health of the environment in mind, thereby protecting your people and the world that we live in.
If you would like to know more about taking advantage of these services, be sure to contact one of our representatives, or visit our website for additional details on our offers.

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