This Human Rights Day Month, Make Cleaner Facilities a Priority

8 April 2019

The right to an environment that is not harmful to the health or wellbeing of others; and to have that environment protected, for the benefit of the present and future is something that we at Bidvest Steiner couldn’t agree with more with when taking an office environment into consideration.

This Human Rights Day month, celebrate with us the hygienic way as our deep cleaning services advocate the health and washroom environment values outlined by The South African Constitution.

Why Deep Clean?
Deep cleaning goes one step further than general daily cleaning by targeting seemingly “less obvious” spaces. Whilst general cleaning focuses on the surface areas of toilets and urinals, the pipes connecting them are often left to acquire films of uric acid scale, faecal matter as well as normal mineral and salt build-up from water (limescale).

The build-up of these substances not only creates an environment which harbours germs, odours and may be harmful, but may eventually result in blockages and flooding.

How Can Deep Cleaning Benefit My Office Environment in the Present and Future?
A regular deep cleaning regime will help to keep a new building in top shape, minimizing the risk of blockages, flooding bacteria and of course, ensuring the protection of your employees health and wellness as per their rights to a healthy environment. For older buildings, each deep cleaning session improves the chances of hygienic restoration.

Clients and employees alike are likely to use the washroom facilities at your office, making it imperative that they look their best and portray an atmosphere of hygiene.

Why Choose Bidvest?
Bidvest Steiner has roughly sixty-five more than 60 years of experience pertaining to health and hygiene services. Our services range from washroom accessory rentals to deep cleaning, dust control, pest control as well as hygiene, cleaning and office consumables sales – all compliant with SABS and NRCS quality standards. Contact one of our consultants today or visit our website for further information.

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