Everything you need to know about bird control – part 2

26 June 2017

What is the best bird control solution for you?

In our previous article we discussed what bird control is and the impact of pest birds, specifically on health and safety and property damage.

Now, we’ll delve a little deeper and take a look at the different types of bird control and what solution is best for you.

Preventative measures

Before you decide to go down the route of involving a professional bird control service, there are few preventative measures you can try.

Firstly, and this is the number one rule in preventing a pest bird problem: restrict food supply and do not feed the birds!

Other measures to take:

  • Do not leave food lying around
  • Make sure the garbage bags and bins are securely closed
  • Deploy appropriate bird control systems that limit or eliminate the number of nesting sites
  • Encourage the presence of birds of prey- Install an Owl box in your garden or take up keeping peregrine falcons as a hobby
  • Install one way valve filers on water storage system such as geysers and rain tanks to prevent birds from entering and contaminating the water supply and damaging equipment

Feral birds are carriers of diseases, which are particularly harmful to humans. They can also cause massive loss of income and damage to commercial and private properties.

So if these preventative measures prove ineffective, or if the bird problem becomes untenable, we highly recommend you consider a professional bird control service.

Also worth noting is that pest birds and especially feral pigeons are highly proficient at identifying new access points in buildings. Therefore it is important to be alert to any damage that occurs to your property after any event such as strong gale winds and storms. Loose tiles, broken glass or any other chink in the armour of your commercial property are opportunities for pest birds to move in.


Different types of bird control

There are many different methods of bird control and deciding on the correct course of action can be daunting.

At Bidvest Steiner, our pest control officers will assess the situation and make informed recommendations based on your specific needs.

Our deterrent methods of bird control employ scare tactics that are completely harmless to the birds.  The specific systems used will through behaviour modification, discourage pest birds from inhabiting certain areas, forcing them to relocate elsewhere.

Bird control deterrent options include:

  • Bird control spikes

Despite the name sounding rather inhumane, this method of bird control is considered the most effective.

Long, thin rods known as “spikes” work by reducing the area available for birds to sit on. They do not harm the birds if birds try to land, rather giving them a gentle prod.

Bird control spikes can be attached to any of the surfaces birds tend to land on such as:

  • Roofs
  • Ledges
  • Commercial signage
  • Parapets


  • Netting

This method is used to close off entry points, infested areas and prevents birds from reaching certain areas.

The benefits of using bird netting are that when installed properly, the black UV stabilized, high density polyethylene netting is very hard to see and does not detract from building aesthetics.

  • Coils

Similar to bird spikes, this method works by destabling the landing surface of the bird. However, instead of spikes, coils, spiral in shape, made out stainless steel are installed on narrow ledges.

  • Prisms

Also known as optical devices, this form of bird control is amongst one of the most popular.

Prisms work by reflecting light downwards, at all possible angles, while the device rotates. The device reflects a specific colour spectrum within the UV range, as different bird species are affected by different colour spectra.

Birds are disorientated and irritated by the reflected light beams and as a result, it deters them from landing at that particular site.

These devices are powered by a number of different energy sources, including:

  • AC/DC currents
  • batteries
  • solar power
  • wind power


  • Noise making/sound devices

Sound devices emit various patterns of high frequency sound. These sounds are inaudible to humans, making them particularly effective for use where humans are present, for example inside ceilings and on balconies.

  • Avian contraceptives

This method of bird control has been increasingly used in urban and industrial areas and is considered safe, humane, and there are no knock-on toxicity hazards to raptors or scavengers.

It is also reversible and has the support of prominent animal rights groups.

Call the professionals

Pest birds can cause a great deal of property damage in a very short time and can be extremely difficult to manage without a professional bird control service.

If you think you may have a pest bird problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today and one of our Pest Control Officers will determine the best solution for your specific needs.

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