Your Autumn Office Washroom Deep Clean Checklist

Hygiene Solutions

8 April 2019

While keeping your office washrooms clean is a task that should be conducted year-round, deep cleans should be conducted from time to time regularly to facilitate additional hygiene. With tens-of-thousands of strains of bacteria in your office washroom right now, forgetting crucial parts of a deep clean service for washrooms is definitely something you want to avoid.

This checklist should help with that.

Mirrors and Shiny Surfaces

Glass surfaces attract plenty of bacteria. While they should be cleaned regularly, this often isn’t enough to render them hygienic, since so many people use your washroom on a daily basis. Because of this, a seasonal deep clean should include disinfecting mirrors and other glass surfaces in your washroom at work.

Sinks and Faucets

In order to contribute to a hygienic environment, sinks and faucets need to be given special attention. When you consider how often they are used to wash hands, get water and ‘who-knows’ what else, ensuring that they are sanitised with a deep clean should be a top priority for you during a deep clean.

Disinfecting Toilets

We probably don’t need to go into great detail explaining why hygiene for toilets is important. They do, by their very nature, attract and spread infectious bacteria more than any other item in your washroom. Because of this, they need to undergo special care when facilitating a deep clean in your office washrooms, since they contribute to the overall hygiene (or lack thereof) in your office washroom.

Floors and Tiles

Floor and wall tiles make keeping a hygienic washroom simple, but they themselves get bogged down with grime and bacteria as time goes on. During a deep clean, pay particular attention to tile grouting, since these areas are generally not adequately cleaned with a daily mopping. When the time comes for a deep clean, it is important to ensure that unseen areas, corners, grout and cracks are properly sanitised.

Professionals Give the Deepest Cleans

Deep cleaning should be a priority task and not simply an afterthought. With your business concentrating on all that it does, you likely cannot give your deep cleaning processes the time and effort they need to be done properly.

On top of that you may not have the skill, experience or correct chemicals to orchestrate one, which is why professional deep clean services for washrooms is always a good thing to invest in, so that they can be professionally done.

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