The Best Disinfectant Spray Options For Your Office

Disinfectant spray bottle to use in the office.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses look at how they keep their offices clean, and their staff healthy. Over and above providing sanitizing stations and asking them to wash their hands regularly, forward thinking businesses are stocking up on disinfectant spray in order to go above and beyond with helping their teams get through the pandemic. Disinfectant spray is no longer just an essential for public spaces like airplanes and hospitals. The following options are some of the best on the market, and can make a big difference to promoting an office environment where everyone looks out for one another. 


A Clean Office Encourages Productivity 

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many people have gone through a myriad of personal and professional changes over the last twelve months. We already live in a modern society where people have a lot on their minds, but adding an extra layer of fear and uncertainty has made things all the more complicated. By prioritising a clean office space, managers sends a strong message about not wanting to add more stress to an already difficult situation for everyone. By providing items like disinfectant spray over and above just the essentials, employees have greater peace of mind about their ability to prevent getting the virus. In turn, this helps them to concentrate on their work and to continue to be productive in the same way they might have been before the pandemic struck. 


Aerosol Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray

One of the best options to consider when it comes to disinfectant sprays doing well in the market is an antibacterial aerosol spray. These are usually sold in 400ml canisters, and are renowned for their ability to be used in the air, and on surrounding surfaces. Because of its controlled release nozzle, the user can manage how much is used at a given time. It’s a good idea to keep a few of these scattered in key areas around the office, and especially near the entrance of the building. A spray in this form is useful for disinfecting packages that get delivered to the office, or for sanitizing a package before it gets handed off to the courier. 


A clean office space, thanks to disinfectant spray.


Single Release Antibacterial Foggers

The second option to consider when it comes the best disinfectant sprays for the office is a single release antibacterial fogger, which like its aerosol cousin, is usually sold in 400ml canisters. The key difference between the fogger and the aerosol cans is that the fogger releases all its contents in one go. Walking around with the fogger once it has been released is important, in order for its contents to interact directly with not only the air, but surrounding surfaces too. This total release disinfectant has been a popular choice for airlines all over the world in recent years, and will continue to be a staple for many businesses in the decades to come.


Getting Help When Disinfecting Your Office

Disinfecting the office through sprays and other cleaning agents does not have to be something you lose sleep about. If you need some extra help with managing the process, the Bidvest Steiner team can help. Our deep clean services are designed to complement the wide range of cleaning products in our catalogue. The service includes tackling some of the areas in the office that are the most exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. From disinfectant sprays all the way through to industrial detergents and floor cleaners, we’ve got you covered whether you need help with a deep clean, or if you’re just looking to up the general hygiene of the office in a safe and affordable manner. 

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