Ridding Your Office of Pests at the End of the Year

2020 - Bidvest Steiner

4 December 2019

While pests are typically a problem for businesses all year round, they are more active in the warm summer months. In South Africa, this means that they will be more active over the festive season, which just happens to be the time when most businesses close their doors at the end of the year.
This makes pest control all the more important at this point in the year, since they may be left unchecked while you close shop over the festive season.

This gives them enough time to establish a home in your office spaces, where they can multiply, cause damage to the structure and even contribute to the spread of disease.
So, before your business closes up shop for the end of the year, here are a few things you should do to ensure that pests do not become a problem during the break.
2020 might be the year of the rat, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want any of them in your offices:

Keeping Areas Clean

To ensure that any pest control solutions you opt for are successful and effective, you should first ensure that there is nothing laying around the office that might attract pests.
Any perishables that contain sustenance for pests should be removed from the office during an end of year clean; particularly in kitchen areas and workstations.

Why Use a Pest Control Company?

Simply cleaning up won’t eliminate the chance of pests, particularly if they are already present.
In such instances, you should consider hiring a pest control company who can offer solutions that are not only beneficial in the long-term but are also environmentally friendly.
This will ensure that when you return to your office, there are no nasty surprises waiting for you.

Contact Bidvest Steiner for Details

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