Office Cleaning Habits That Everyone at The Office Should Be Doing

Bidvest Steiner

19 June 2019

Maintaining a hygienic office environment is vital to employee well being, as well as that of your clients. It is an essential part of not only keeping them in good health, but fostering positive moral in your workforce. In order to do it, however, everybody in the workplace needs to pitch in, the right hygiene solutions need to be provided, and the battle against germs needs to be fought on a few fronts.

Let’s take a closer look at those areas that need the closest attention from everyone in your office.

Personal Hygiene Habits

Personal hygiene is the first front in the war against germs, and everybody needs to get involved. Bacteria and germs are most commonly spread through people’s contact with various surfaces, which means that besides surfaces needing to be kept properly sanitised, people need to maintain certain levels of hygiene too. Germs and viruses spread via coughing and sneezing, so hands need to be washed and surfaces need to be sanitised if we are all going to make it through Winter unscathed.

This puts the onus on business operators to ensure that their office spaces, kitchen and bathrooms are outfitted with the necessary sanitation and hygiene utilities such as soaps, paper towels and hand sanitisers, that they are in consistent working order, are always adequately stocked, and that staff members are encouraged to use them regularly.

Maintaining Work Area Cleanliness

In the flurry of daily tasks, deadlines and demands, it generally doesn’t take long for the productive worker’s desk to become cluttered, or worse yet, down-right dirty.

A towering collection of coffee-mugs, discarded biscuits in desk draws and a week-old packed lunch stuffed somewhere in the corner of the desk isn’t going to do much to foster a hygienic and healthy office environment.

It is good practice for each employee to clear their desks, at least once a day, or to endeavour to keep them clean throughout the day. If this is done regularly enough, tidying up workstations is actually really easy.

Restrooms and Kitchens

With regards to restrooms and kitchens, employees should be encouraged to clean up after themselves to keep the area clear of dirt and bacteria.

Additionally, personal hygiene in these areas is also essential, so employees should be encouraged to maintain it through the regular use of sanitation equipment, which should also be made readily available for them in those areas.

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