End-of-Year Office Cleaning Tips

4 December 2019

Through the excitement of closing up shop and enjoying your December downtime, there is still one key thing that you will need to focus on if you would like a fresh start to the coming New Year; office hygiene.
These tips will help you understand the importance of an end-of-year clean for your office, and will also ensure that you go about it the right way; by using the best office and washroom hygiene solutions available to you.

The Importance of an End-of-Year Clean

With nobody accessing your office for the extended period of December, your offices will be sitting stagnant for some time.
This gives any present bacteria the perfect opportunity to multiply unhindered, which will contribute to an unsavoury working environment at the start of the next year.
Getting the best possible start for 2020 means enacting the best possible hygiene solutions at the end of this year.

Clearing Workstations: Getting Staff Involved

It is a good idea to put staff in charge of the hygiene of their own workstations as this will allow cleaning to happen more effectively.
As the year comes to a close, ensure that all staff clear their workstations and clean them down to eliminate any present bacteria.
Care should also be taken to ensure that no perishables such as food and snacks are left in workstation cupboards and drawers.

Deep Cleaning in Office Washrooms

The washrooms in an office are a hotbed of activity for bacteria, and as such, these areas should be properly sanitised before you close doors.
A deep clean is your best option for removing bacteria in these areas, and it is utterly essential that they are eliminated before your offices close so that they are not given an environment in which they can multiply over December.

Cleaning Carpets and Ventilating the Air

If your office has carpets, you should definitely consider cleaning them before the close of the year, since these patches of bacterium friendly fibres are known to house thousands of germs per square metre.
Once the carpet has been cleaned, however, you should also ensure that the office is properly ventilated so that the area doesn’t become damp as a result.

Hire a Cleaning Company! Contact Bidvest Steiner for Details

For the best results when taking care of end-of-year office hygiene, you should consider hiring a professional hygiene company. This way it will be more effective and less time consuming, which means that you can pay more attention to finalising your tasks for the year.

If you would like to know more about our offers on specialised hygiene services, be sure to get into contact with Bidvest Steiner today, or visit our website for details on our offers.

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