How Clean is Your Office Floor

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19 June 2019

Technically speaking, whether it is tiled, wooden or carpeted, your office floor is no different to the one at your home. Except that instead of four or so people traversing it daily, there are a lot more people tracking mud, dirt and an assortment of bacteria through it. Your office floor, being given the same type of attention, may look presentable, but is it really clean?

Let’s take a closer look:

Are Your Employees getting Sick Too Often?

A dirty office floor, particularly a dirty office carpet, will hold on to germs and bacteria. They will become entrenched in its fibres and from there, they pose a risk to everyone in the area. In extreme cases, even mould and mildew can take root and grow, which could lead to the spread of pathogens and respiratory related illnesses.

If your staff, clients and visitors are getting sick quite frequently, it could be because your office floor is dirtier than you think.

Is there an Unseen and Lingering Odour?

There is nothing pleasant about the thought of a lingering odour in the office, and more often than not, it comes from a dirty floor. Again, this is particularly prevalent in dirty carpets, but is not limited to them, affecting tiles and wood as well.

Floors need to be cleaned using specialised hygiene equipment and left to dry out properly if those odours are going to be eliminated, so make sure you do it regularly.

Cracks in Wood & Tiles

Carpets are not the only ideal place for dirt to build-up and bacteria to breed, wood and tiles, particularly old, warped or cracked ones present the ideal environment for these types of life-forms to thrive, and as a result, need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, using the appropriate hygiene consumables wherever fitting.

Deep Cleaning Services

Cracks and grouting are also prone to the build-up of dirt, creating environments where bacteria can thrive. A thorough deep cleaning service in bathroom spaces can help to eliminate the associated risks in an office environment.

Stopping Dirt in its Tracks

Stopping dirt at the door is another great way to combat this and mat rental services can accomplish the task. As an added bonus, appearance, grease and rubber mats not only assist with dirt, but reduce slip and tripping hazards.

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