Is it Better to Close a Toilet When Flushing it, or Should I Leave It Open?

Bidvest Steiner

16 September 2019

Going to the toilet and flushing it upon completion is one of the most natural actions we can perform, and as such, is one generally done without much thought behind it. What could be easier, just flush at the toggle of a handle, wash up and go about your day.

Such an absent-minded approach is one we all take, but if the thought has ever crossed your mind as to whether it is better to close the toilet when flushing it, or leave it open, you are asking yourself the right questions.
So should you close the toilet when flushing it? The short answer is ‘absolutely’, if you can, and here are the reasons why:

The ‘Toilet Plume’ Phenomenon

The toilet plume phenomenon basically describes the way that waste matter mixes with swirling water when you flush the toilet and sends faecal particles into the air, which then settle on the toilet seat, as well as on other surfaces in the restroom.

If, as is often the case in public restrooms, there is no seat on the toilet, you should attempt to vacate the toilet stall while flushing.

A Lingering Matter

After flushing a toilet, microbes may remain on the bowl’s surface for some time, and in fact, is only removed entirely after a clean. Using toilet seat sanitisers to keep toilet seats clean, then, is essential; particularly for restrooms that see a lot of use, such as those in offices or public areas.

On the Surface(es)

The same microbes mentioned above also get transferred to surfaces in the washroom after flushing. This may include the sink, taps and floors, to name a few. Because of this, surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. On top of this, the fact that microbes are so easily transferred with a single flush, is reason enough to ensure that the toilet seat is closed when flushing.

Get a Deep Clean from Bidvest Steiner

Since closing the lid when flushing is not something that is typically done by everyone, most restrooms to have concentrations of microbes on their surfaces.

Bidvest Steiner offers comprehensive deep cleaning services for office washrooms that are geared towards putting your business’ best foot forward by reducing the concentrations of bacteria within them.

If you would like to know more about our offers on hygiene solutions, feel free to get into contact with one of our representatives, or visit our website today for details.

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