Air Care Products Every Business Should Have

Bidvest Steiner

30 October 2019

Bidvest Steiner offers a diverse range of highly functional, practical and aesthetic solutions for assisting your business with improving the quality of your indoor air. Here we will review some of our most effective air care sanitisers and air freshener dispenser products that we believe, every workplace should have.

UVC Air Sanitisers

This product leverages ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology (UVGI) to significantly reduce concentrations of airborne pathogens in interior spaces. When these pathogens reach the UVGI zone provided by UVC air sanitisers, these pathogens become less effective and become inactivated.

The Steiner Hygenator

By producing an ozone that oxidises airborne pollutants, the Hygenator significantly reduces concentrations of contaminants in the air, leaving it fresher and cleaner. They make use of no chemical consumables, rendering them okay for the environment, and are lockable to prevent tampering.

Oxy Air Care Dispenser

The Oxy Air Care Dispenser offers continuous fresh scent and odour control using a proprietary odour neutralising agent called NeutraLox. Compared to other solutions that simply mask odours, the Oxy Air Care Dispenser actually reduces them. They also contain no propellants or CFCs, making them great for the environment.

Air Freshener Dispenser

Smart and compact, our air freshener dispensers fit efficiently and seamlessly into any setting. By delivering metered sprays of concentrated fragrance that consists of super-fine odour neutralising fragrance molecules, they don’t simply hide unpleasant odours, but actually work to eliminate them.

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