Outright Purchase vs. Rental Benefits

Outright Purchase

  • Large initial capital outlay
  • Multiple suppliers needed for full basket of hygiene products
  • Continuous replacement costs due to breakages, vandalism and theft
  • No Product Quality Assurance
  • Product variations – Liquorices-All-Sorts – due to discontinued products in the market
  • Continuous installation charges for product replacements / upgrades
  • No-stock situations in emergencies
  • Service call out fees for electronic units
  • Addition staff needed to service dispensers
  • Continuous ordering of consumables
  • Storage needed for bulk orders of consumables (economy of scale)
Rental Benefits

  • Monthly rental charges
  • One supplier for full basket of hygiene products
  • No maintenance charge
  • No Installation charges for replacement / upgrades
  • Quality Assurance – all products are tested and approved
  • Standardised look and feel in the bathroom
  • Stock holding at Bidvest Steiner branches of all products on contract
  • No service charge on any products
  • Dispensers serviced at regular intervals by trained service staff
  • Free delivery of consumables
  • No large quantity stock holding on consumables
  • 54 Years of experience in the Hygiene Services Industry