Tips For Spring Cleaning

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27 August 2015

As you conduct a slew of different tasks from your office, your work-space can quickly look like a huge mess. After all, during an average, travel-free week, you may spend a rough estimate of about 40 hours in and around your desk. That said, the icy steel grip of winter has broken and that means spring is approaching. Now is a fantastic time to get your office feeling and looking clean. An average office desk has the capacity to support up to 10 million bacteria which is 400 times more than an actual toilet seat – scary stuff! Hence the importance of a clean office is nothing to be sneezed at. That said here are some effective tips for spring cleaning your office.


Start Off By Dusting

Get the ball rolling by giving your office a good top to bottom dusting. The reason as to why you begin with dusting is, when you do so, a lot of debris loosens and falls to the floor. Make sure you dust all services – including machines and peripherals.



Now that you have done dusting, move on to vacuuming. Ensure that you cover every inch of the floor. A good technique would be is to start in a corner and then work methodically towards the other spaces to ensure you don’t miss any areas.


Disinfect The Telephone

Telephones are used on a daily basis fairly regularly. However, they have the potential to harbour a significant amount of germs. Ensure that you disinfect your office phone by cleaning it with a disinfectant wipe.


Freshen Up

Ensure that you get the office smelling nice and fresh so it definitely is a good idea to get an air freshener dispenser.


Organise The Chords

Tangled chords are not only an eye-sore, they are also a fire hazard and can damage certain electronics through unwanted power loss. Organise them with the use of some binder clips.


Lose The Excess Paper

Keeping your office paper-free is about as Utopian as it comes but that is not a reason to not get rid of the unnecessary paper. Most work environment favour a digital realm and so should you. If the notes, transcripts, forms, etc are of importance, scan it and keep it in your computer. If you have any old newspapers and magazines, get rid of it. Don’t be a hoarder.


Get Green

Spring cleaning is not only about getting rid of things and tidying up. It’s also about creating a better environment, which could also mean adding to it. Studies have indicated that the addition of pot plants can make your work environment increase productivity by up to 15 percent so that is definitely something to consider.


Spring cleaning in some ways can be considered liberating because you are making way for a cleaner and conducive environment. Don’t put it off to the last minute – the sooner the better.

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