Preventing the Spread Of COVID-19

19 March 2020

Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes
It may seem like something which is common knowledge but not all of us cover our coughs and sneezes, and at times we have all been guilty of not doing it on occasion.

Having said this, one way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is by ensuring that you cover up any bodily fluids, stopping it from getting from your body, into the air and onto someone else.

This is something which Bidvest Steiner believes in and practices on a daily basis, regardless of any seasonal illness.

Eyes, Nose And Mouth

A part of preventing the spread, and the contraction of the disease, is a simple yet sometimes difficult thing to do. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

We sometimes without knowing it touch these areas and unfortunately, these are areas which pose the greatest chance of you contracting the coronavirus, as well as other types of viruses.

As a hygiene company, we recommend that you steer clear from these areas.

Wash Your Hands And Use Hand Sanitiser Regularly

We cannot stress how important it is to wash your hands as often as required but to also ensure you use the correct method. This will ensure that if you were to touch your eyes, nose or mouth there would be less chance of infection.

If you do not have access to a proper handwashing facility, we can then recommend the use of a hand sanitiser to disinfect your hands until you are able to wash them effectively.

If your home or office has the correct washroom hygiene solutions, you will be in a position where you can effectively and efficiently clean your hands, scrubbing away all of the dirt which could pose a threat to your health.

Here are tips on how to wash your hands correctly, as well as our range of handwashing consumables and hand sanitisers, which you will be able to purchase for your home and office,

Limit Contact

If your family or friends are sick, you may want to think about limiting your contact with them, simply because of the fact that you can contract the disease, as well as the chances of you then spreading it to other people.

Try to avoid going to public spaces, such as shopping malls, as these areas increase the chance of you contracting illnesses such as the coronavirus.

As a hygiene company, we believe that if you take the responsible route and decrease the amount of contact, which includes body parts touching, then you will stand a better chance of not contracting or spreading the coronavirus.

Clean Your Home And Office

When last did you disinfect your kitchen counter, coffee table or desk at the office?

With cleaning chemicals, which can be provided by Bidvest Steiner, you will be able to get your hands on cleaning products which you can use in order to keep your house and office clean.

On top of this, you will have the necessary cleaning products which you can use to wash your hands, with soap being important when trying to keep yourself as clean as possible.

Remember these tips cannot only help you but also your friends, family and neighbours. Spread the word.

Contact Bidvest Steiner For More Information

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