Is Your Office Winter Hygiene Ready?

3 May 2019

The season is changing fast, and you only need to open a window to know that winter is just around the corner. This means that your office needs to take better control of its hygiene solutions to ensure that it maintains a clean and safe environment for your employees and guests.
Why is winter a challenge for hygiene management? And what can your office do to ensure that it is ready to meet it?

Cold & Flu Season

Winter time brings with it the season of colds and flu, and while there are steps that people can take to avoid getting sick (in their personal capacity), things can get a little more complicated when entering a working environment.
Because offices have a dense collection of people, and it only takes one of them to be sick to spread that bacteria around; putting everyone at risk of also falling ill.

Fortunately, you can help your staff and guests avoid this by enacting the right hygiene solutions in your office or place of work, to ensure that the spread of germs is limited.

Sanitation in Office Restrooms

Office restrooms, with the amount of people using them each day, can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, many of which contribute to an unhealthy working environment.  
This puts the onus on business owners to seek out effective solutions that take care of deep cleaning, cubical care, urinal maintenance and sanitary hygiene whenever it is needed. 

Controlling Dust at the Door

The dry winter air can be a problem for those with respiratory disorders, and often leads to an increase of dust in environments that see a lot of foot-traffic (such as an office).   
For many people, dust heightens their sensitivity to the air, and as such, it should be carefully controlled in a working environment. 
Dust control mats such as the Appearance Mat, and Kleen Scrape Rubber Mat offered by Bidvest Steiner are all effective solutions for limiting the amount of dust and dirt that enters your facility or business through the door. 

Enabling Personal Hygiene at the Office

Personal hygiene represents the best line of defence against germs in your office.  
Stopping your employees and guests from spreading bacteria, is half the battle.  
By ensuring that your office has ample hand sanitising, washing and drying facilities is thusly crucial for maintaining a safe and clean environment.  
Make sure that not only the washrooms have them, but also the kitchen, as well as various accessible areas around the office. 

Contact Bidvest Steiner for Details

If you would like to know more about opting for services offered by a trusted hygiene company, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Bidvest Steiner today, or visit our website for further details.

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