Hygiene Consumables And Maintaining Personal Hygiene

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29 January 2020

A common misconception in any office environment is individuals believing that hygiene only needs to be focused on in the washroom. This, however, is not the case. Germs, bacteria and dust travel throughout your building with each individual entering your doors and can spread to other areas of your office.

This is why more emphasis should be placed on ensuring your entire office is effectively cleaned and remains hygienic throughout the day.

By making use of the correct hygiene consumables, you can maintain your office hygiene all year round. This also allows you to ensure that your employees and customers do not spread any unwanted germs by allowing them access to personal hygiene consumables as well as ensure your surfaces are bacteria-free zones by using the correct detergents when cleaning.

Hygiene Consumables In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces to keep clean. We also know that this is the breeding ground for bacteria; therefore, using the correct cleaning products and detergents in your washroom you can reduce the number of bacteria spread throughout your offices.

We have listed a few detergents you should always have handy for a spick and spam washroom.

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2. Liquid Bleach

3. Scouring Cream

4. Pine Disinfectant

For added convenience and thorough cleaning, these products and detergents are effective in both your washroom and throughout the office on countertops, floors and other surfaces.

Hygiene Consumables For Personal Hygiene

Ridding your office from bacteria, germs and unwanted dust bunnies may start in the bathroom, but these can just as easily enter the door with each employee or client.

Personal hygiene in all office environments is just as important to consider when fighting the spread of germs and bacteria.

We have listed a few must-have items to keep in stock to ensure personal hygiene in the workplace:

1. Hand Soap

2. Surface wipes

3. Hand Wipes

4. Hand Sanitiser

Educating your employees on the importance of their personal hygiene not only reduces the spread of germs in your office but it also assists your employees to maintain good overall health. Items such as wipes and sanitisers can be kept at desks and work stations which allow them to maintain good personal hygiene all day.

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