How To Keep Your Workstation Clean

coffee at the desk

19 May 2015

A messy work station is not the most conducive environment to be productive. It can be uninspiring and it does not emit a positive reflection to your peers. Keeping your desk nice and tidy is going to not only lessen the spread of germs, it will enable you to find things easier and it will also be more conducive for you to work in. There is no good reason for your workstation to be messy. Follow these tips on how to keep your workstation clean and let productivity rule!



It is said that an average office keyboard and mouse can potentially contain as much as 400 times more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. Gross right? Keep swabs or wipes and disinfectanton hand so that you can swab your workstation regularly or at least when need be.


Use A file Tray

Paper work is going to pile up. It can be a herculean task to locate a document when your pages or documents are lying around unorganised. That will certainly not do. Ensure that you utilise a file tray so that you can locate your documents.


Keep Clutter At A Minimum

Items that do not serve a purpose or are unnecessary should be disposed off. You will be surprised about how easily clutter accumulates. For example, placing ornaments, bottles or other items that you deem attractive on your workstation – this adds to the clutter in a big way. Limit your photo frames. More clutter means less work space.


Give Personal Items A Designated Spot

Utilise a designated drawer for your personal items so that work items and personal items do not get mixed up and they are also easy to locate.


Don’t Eat At Your Desk

We are often working under tight deadlines so not eating at your desk at all is not realistic however try to minimise it. Rather sit in the cafeteria or at a bench and then tuck into your lunch. This will reduce the risk of messing work station and a change of environment helps you to refresh the mind. If you must eat at your desk, make use of a coaster and placemat. DON’T FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER YOU EAT.


Stop Posting So Much Of Post-its

Post-its make your workstation messy. Rather use the reminders on your email or utilise digital files to keep track of important operation processes


Keep The Wires Tidy

If your place of employment is at capacity and unable to assist. Take it upon yourself to keep chords and wires neatly separated or untangled and from not being in the way of somebody to possibly cause them to trip. They should be out of sight and tucked away.

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