In the Height of Summer You Need Better Pest Control

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28 February 2019

February and March mark some of the warmest months of the year in South Africa, and in many cases, this means that they are also the months where pests become more of a concern for businesses. Having pests invade your place of work is, for many reasons, not ideal for maintaining a healthy workplace, and the summer months do nothing to make that easier. This provides more than enough of a reason to source pest control solutions that you can rely on to maintain an optimal office or work environment.

But what is it about summer that attracts bugs and other pests to your indoor work spaces?

Pests Look for Shelter from the Heat

On one hand, the heat makes pests more active, which is why we see more of them when the temperatures begin to rise.

Pests, however, also have a limited tolerance for heat, which means that when temperatures soar to extreme levels, they will be looking for a cool place to shelter themselves. Your office, with its HVAC units and careful climate control, make for the perfect refuge from the heat.

When Humidity Rises, So Do the Number of Pests

For all life on Earth, water is crucial for survival; this is as true for pests as it is for you. Both humidity and rain then contribute to the presence of pests, and while little can be done to dry the air, you can take charge of your pest control management to ensure that pests are not attracted to your place of work.

The Life-Cycle of Pests

Due to the fact that many types of pests are cold blooded, their life-cycle and activities are impacted by the seasons. For many of them, enlarging their numbers in the months just before winter is a proven survival tactic, which means that their numbers tend to explode during the warmer months.

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