Essential Cleaning Consumables for Various Types of Businesses

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3 May 2019

Every business has particular needs when it comes to maintaining hygiene, and meeting those needs requires them to have specialised hygiene consumables on hand. Since maintaining a clean working environment is essential for protecting the health of your employees and guests, no business can afford to ignore this important requirement.
So which cleaning-wares and consumables does your business need? The answer depends on the type of environment you operate in, and what you do.

The All-Rounders

There are certain hygiene consumables that every business needs; such as cleaning brushes, detergents, soaps and floor cleaning products. Each of these is essential for minimising bacteria and taking care of daily cleaning tasks. 
Brush-ware may include general brooms and pans, mops and feather dusters. The type of detergents you opt for will depend on your needs for cleaning with disinfectants coming in varying strengths while the same applies to soaps and cleaning products.

The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has very specific requirements for cleaning consumables, particularly because of the nature of the services that they provide.   
When working with food and accommodation, you need to ensure that you are able to maintain a perfectly hygienic environment; as such you would need to take advantage of solutions relating to laundry care, hygienic wipes for surfaces and strong though gentle detergents that leave the environment fresh and clean.

Industrial Settings

Industrial settings have unique challenges with regards to cleanliness, and as such require specialised hygiene consumables that are manufactured with a tough environment in mind. This is particularly the case where detergents are concerned, since they need to be able to safely combat bacteria in a harsh environment.  
Such detergents may include liquid bleach, intensive cleaners, heavy-duty detergent and germicidal cleaners.

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