Cleaning Hacks

Braai and onion

11 September 2015

We all know how annoying cleaning up can be. It’s a chore and never fun but we got some great cleaning hacks that will make things a little easier for you. These cleaning hacks are going to save you a good amount of your time as well as your sanity. The best part about it is that in all probability, you most likely got these items at home. These methods may be a little unorthodox but they work well.


Clean Your Mattress

You spend a lot of time sleeping on your bed so you want to make sure that you are sleeping on a clean surface. Get some vodka and pour it into a spray bottle and lightly spritz it across your mattress and then leave it to dry. The alcohol will kill the bacteria and disinfect the mattress.


Dust Your Floor

Get an old pair of towelling socks. Put them on and walk through areas that require dusting. Just like that – your floor has been dusted.


Clean Your Grill

Get the grease and grit off your grill (pardon the alliteration) with the aid of an onion. Heat the grill and rub the onion over the grill. Pierce the onion with a fork and use the fork as a handle so that you don’t burn your hands.


Clean Your Oven

Dirty ovens can be a major annoyance. Here’s an easy fix. Fill a bowl with half a cup of ammonia and place it into a completely cold oven. It should be left overnight. You can then wipe it clean, the next day. Stains will come off with minimal effort.


Clean That Pet Hair

We love our pets but yes, pet hair adds immensely to our cleaning duties. Cleaning pet hair does not have to be a herculean chore as it can be done efficiently by using a squeegee. Take the squeegee, rub it in short strokes on any areas that have been littered with hair. The hair will soon be removed without hassle.


Minimise Those Garbage Odours

This may not be a cleaning hack per se but it still resides in the same ball park. Garbage odours are disgusting. Where you can keep them at a minimal, you very well should leap at the opportunity. Take some newspaper, crumple it, and line the bottom of your bin bag with it. The newspaper will assist with absorbing the odours and any leaks. An air freshener dispenser is always a great addition to any environment for an ever-fresh smell so that is something to consider.

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