How to Prevent Birds From Nesting in Your Office or Home

Birds nest inside a home

Birds are wondrous creatures, adding a lot of value to the natural ecosystem. Most of them prefer to keep their distance from humans. Others are a little more tame, and don’t mind getting close enough to people as long as it means they get to build the ideal nest. These birds are usually not as welcome in homes and offices, for various reasons. If you’re trying to prevent birds from nesting in your office or at home, this article should help to understand these better, and help keep them out of your cherished indoor and outdoor spaces. 


Sharing The World

As long as the environment is looked after, humans will always have to share the world with other animals. Birds mix in shared spaces with people all the time, and this can pose a couple of dangers that might not be as evident right off the bat. Many birds carry parasites and pests from location to location, and if you come in contact with these, they can cause serious health challenges to you and anybody who shares a living space with you. Birds can also contribute to the spread of allergens, which in turn makes hay fever a challenge. The last thing you want is an office of sneezing staff members, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. 


Possible Structural Damage

Their unhygienic nature aside, birds like Starlings are quite aggressive, and happy to cause structural damage in order to build their nests in pairs. Once living in a space, it can be next to impossible to get them to move on. At the same time, they shed feathers and droppings, all of which are health concerns for people, animals and more. Every office should include a bird management policy, starting with doing as much as you can to prevent birds from nesting at the office, rather than having to deal with removal or relocation later down the line. 


Bird nesting in the garden of an office space


Ways To Discourage Birds From Nesting

One of the best ways to discourage birds from nesting is to invest in reflective light objects that act as a deterrent. From shiny objects like old CD’s, to tinfoil, small mirrors and more, these will all act as a deterrent. There are of course more professional solutions, which tend to last longer and will set the budget back a little more. In a bid to prevent bird nesting, clear an hour out of your schedule one morning to isolate the key areas where birds may want to nest. From chimneys, to gutters and other potential hotspots, having a list can help you to prioritise sweeping and cleaning these spaces, in order to deter birds from settling there in the first place. 


An Alternative To DIY Nesting Prevention

The Bidvest Steiner team knows that you’re generally on a bit of a time crunch as a modern professional, so if you’re not keen to DIY the process, speak to us for professional pest control evaluation and related services. We’re more than happy to offer up advice regarding the best way to go based on your exact situation and needs, as well as pointing you in the right direction with regards to products and services that can help keep birds away from your home or office. You’ll be appreciating these beautiful creatures (from afar) again in no time at all.

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