How to Disinfect Every Part of Your Office

Disinfectant spray for the office.

There’s never been a better time to think about regularly disinfecting every part of your office. As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and it seems like it might be a while for most people to receive the vaccine, it’s important for business owners everywhere to think about how they can keep the office a safe and healthy space for the foreseeable future. 

Setting up sanitizer stations is a good place to start, but these can only do so much, and will also have to be disinfected regularly. This can be the first step in setting up a plan to disinfect the entire office, which not only helps to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria among the team, but also instills a high level of confidence in the management team for showing how much they care about their employees during these unprecedented times. 


Scheduling A Regular Deep Clean

The first step towards disinfecting your office is to set up a schedule for how frequently you would like to do so. Often, this will depend on the amount of foot traffic in the office. There are already strict health and safety guidelines in place for most companies when it comes to their supply chains and storage facilities, but for the sake of simplicity, our focus here will be on disinfecting corporate offices specifically. The Bidvest Steiner team is proud to not only supply consumables to offices keen to be disinfected regularly, but also because we offer deep cleaning services to businesses that need a bit of extra help when it comes to maintaining a sanitary office space all year round. 


Air Care: The Power Of Disinfectant Sprays

Disinfecting the office requires thinking about air care as a priority. There are two types of products that are great for freshening up the air. The first is an antibacterial aerosol spray, which is an instant solution that allows you to manage how much you use at any given time. Typically produced in 400ml canisters, these should always be bought in bulk, as they can come in handy in a variety of different situations. 

The second product type that also does a good job for air care is a single release fogger, which you might have seen being used on airplanes. These cans release disinfectant spray in one go until the can is empty. The effect is instant, and clears out any lingering bacteria, while also trickling town to the surrounding surfaces as well. 


Cleaning Detergents For Surfaces Of All Types

Next up, having access to the right cleaning detergents can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an office disinfecting mission. When carving out an office budget for cleaning, detergents should always get the lion’s share of the pool. From liquid bleach through to pure disinfectant and toilet bowl cleaner, the right detergent can not only make the job itself a lot easier, but also enhance the overall quality of the clean itself. 

Although people like to double up on specific cleaning products that might be able to be used for multiple purposes, it’s never a good idea to mix and match chemical detergents. Stick to using approved agents that are designed to not only protect the cleaner, but also everyone exposed to the area after it has been disinfected. 


Employee using hand sanitizer at the office.


Remember Floors And Carpets

In any given workday, a team of office employees may interact with a variety of different surfaces. One surface that people are quick to forget about is the floor, which can be the source of a lot of germs, especially if the office has good foot traffic every day. Because of this, it’s worth investing in tile and carpet cleaner at all times.

Doubling up on the cleaning cloths for counter surfaces and floors may end up inadvertently spreading more germs. Hand and floor pads should be top of the list of things to buy before thinking about how to clean floors and carpets. By having dedicated pads or cloths for floor care, the office will be disinfected to a higher standard, benefiting everyone. 

General Consumables For Disinfecting The Office

Germs and bacteria spread through a variety of different ways. Once you’ve covered the air, surfaces, floors and more, you may notice other vulnerable areas that need additional TLC. This is where extra cleaning odds and ends can come in handy, including the likes of microfibre cloths, furniture polish, oven cleaner and more. 

After going through a couple of disinfecting missions at the office, you’ll quickly realise that there are unique products that can help make the clean easier, and more successful. If you’re getting a team like us in for a deep clean, don’t be shy about asking about which products may compliment the clean, or to learn more about the areas that will require more consistent care over the course of a regular weekly clean.


Inspiring Others To Prioritise Clean Spaces

Before you even know it, your business will have a fully fledged system in place to handle disinfecting every part of the office. Whether you choose to mobilize an in-house team to do so, or prefer to have it taken care of by an outside service coming in, the result will be the same. Doing so frequently enough may even inspire the office team to make cleaning a priority in their own lives, be it in the form of simply keeping a tidy desk, or carrying all the way through to how they lead their lives outside of the office too. 

Educating staff members about why a sanitized office helps to protect everyone can also be a great way to bond and to gradually solidity a post-pandemic company culture. Clean spaces also promote better productivity, which will feed into the broader mission of the company over time too. Are you ready to make regular disinfecting a priority at the office? 

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