Outright Purchase vs. Rental Benefits

Compare and see why renting through Bidvest Steiner is the obvious choice 

Rental Benefits

  • Established in 1958 – years of experience in the Hygiene Services Industry
  • One supplier for full basket of hygiene products
  • Stock holding at Bidvest Steiner branches for all products on contract
  • Monthly rental charges
  • No maintenance charge
  • No Installation charges for replacement / upgrades
  • No service charge on any products
  • Dispensers serviced at regular intervals by trained service staff
  • Free delivery of consumables
  • Quality Assurance – all products are tested and approved
  • Standardised look and feel in the bathroom
  • No large quantity stock holding on consumables

HACCP & Food Safety Quality Control

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a food safety quality control system which encompasses the entire food supply chain from raw material production to sourcing and handling, manufacturing and distribution and eventually preparation and consumption of the final product. HACCP aims to eliminate root causes of food contamination whether they be biological, chemical or physical in nature or due to faulty or absent procedures.

HACCP involves 7 principles:

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Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, 1993 is legislation implemented by the South African Government to provide for the health, safety and protection of employees and visitors who enter your premises.

The following aspects relate to our industry and hygiene services.

In accordance with regulation 2(3) Every Employer Shall provide sanitary facilities at the workplace which include to:

  • Make toilet paper available, free of charge to employees.
  • Provide every water closet pan, designed to have a seat, with a seat.
  • Supply a towel to every employee for his or her sole use or disposable paper towel or hot air blowers or clean portions of continuous cloth towels, at washbasins.
  • Provide toilet soap or a similar cleaning agent free of charge to employees.

* Facilities Regulations, 2004, issued under Government Notice No R.924 of 03 August 2004