Tips For Post-Party Cleaning

Festive Party Food

11 December 2015

The holidays are upon us and that means merry-making, enjoyment and lots of parties. There is a strong possibility that you will host some sort of a social gathering at your place.  We all love to party and have fun but cleaning up the next day can often be a herculean undertaking, especially when you are recovering from the aftermath of a good party. Fortunately for you, we have put together a great list of tips that will help your post-party cleaning roll out at a more optimal level.

For starters, on the day of your party, ensure that you have washed all dishes. If you are going to stack dirty dishes upon more dirty dishes, you are going to spend an immense amount of time cleaning the next day. A clutterless sink area will also make a great impression on your guests.

Still on the topic of dishwashing, you should opt for using paper cups and paper plates to keep the dishwashing at a minimum. We acknowledge that it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as using glass or ceramic plates and cups but think about how much of time you will save in terms of washing the next day.

In terms of decorating, while many people like to utilise a multitude of different type of decorations, e.g. (streamers, balloons, banners, wall glitter) you should adopt a minimalist approach. Too many  decorations can be a bit cheesy or overkill but most importantly, more decorations means more post-party cleaning.

You should strategically place bins around various areas in the party area to encourage guests to discard their trash in those bins. Place them in the areas that are close to a seated area as well as the areas that are decked out with food.

Ensure that you put away any tablecloths, rugs, pillows that are made out of light coloured fabrics as they will be difficult to clean and also ensure that there are adequate coasters to avoid beverage stains.

At all costs, make a concerted effort to ensure that the party is contained in the demarcated area and does not spread to other areas of the house. Try to lock certain doors to discourage guests from wandering off to other areas. You will be thankful the next day as it will minimise your cleaning.

Your cleaning supplies should be readily available to clean up any messes or spills that may arise. Clean up immediately when a spill occurs. A solution of white vinegar, dish soap, and water in a spray bottle will work wonders. Stay on top of your cleaning but not to a point where you don’t enjoy yourself but rather to address emergency spills.

Ideally you should try to do some cleaning as soon as the party is over to minimise cleaning during the next day. After the guests leave, comb the room to assess your workload and address tasks that need immediate attention.

Cleaning does not have to be a gargantuan task, it can be kept simple when you adopt a systematic approach.

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