UVC Air Sanitiser

UVC Air Sanitizer-White



The majority of airborne pathogens are uniquely adapted for spreading in indoor environments. The conditions of temperature, humidity and protection from sunlight serve to protect pathogens during their exposed and vulnerable period when they spread from one person to the next.


UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation)


The scientific development of UVGI began with research on the vulnerability of micro-organisms to ultraviolet energy. With both early and recent studies indicating that properly installed UVGI lamps act to give large reduction in airborne pathogens without adverse environmental effects.




The transmission of certain airborne human infectious disorders e.g. such common diseases as influenza, adenovirus infection, measles, and TB. are safely and effectively interrupted by the germicidal irradiation from the UVGI applications. Depending on the UV susceptibility of the organisms and the mode of transmission, agents of potential bio-terror concern are assumed to respond in a similar way.


Inactivation of micro-organisms occurs when they reach the UVGI zone. Vigorous up-flow of air quickly brings infectious particles into the upper room. The more vigorous the up-flow, the shorter the stay of the particles per pass within the zone, but the more passes per unit time.




Height: 805 mm

Depth: 160 mm

Width: 90 mm



Height: 890 mm

Width: 660 mm


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