Bidvest Steiner Multimedia Dispenser


The Bidvest Steiner Multimedia Dispenser is a combination of marketing and hygiene in the form of cloud based advertising which displays on a digital screen combined with a built in hand sanitizer in the form of liquid foam soap. The Bidvest Steiner Multimedia Dispenser can be installed and serviced nationally, tactfully placed in high traffic areas within shopping centres as well as corporate facilities, such as entrances, receptions, outside elevators, food courts etc, in order to convey messages from tenants and 3rd party advertisers as well as provide a hygienic environment for all users within the facility. All advertisements can be changed nationally by the click of a button, allowing different information to display on different screens at different times therefore information is not limited and can be scheduled and adjusted to suitable areas with different target markets in real time down to the minute.



For Material Safety Data Sheet, please contact Anli Moller
For Material Safety Data Sheet, please contact Skye Soutter