Dual Dispenser

She Packet Toilettes Wipes-White
  • One dispenser that fits She packets and toilet seat wipes/personal hygiene wipes
  • Unit is fixed out of the way against the wall
  • Neat and tidy with no dirt traps
  • One bag/wipe dispensed at a time
  • She packets are used for discrete and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste 
  • She packets protect the She bin lid against soiling
  • Personal hygiene wipe provides optimum comfort and cleans and freshens better than toilet paper alone
  • Toilet seat wipes remove bacteria build-up for total protection and peace of mind
  • Only one wipe needed per application
  • Quick drying formula leaves surfaces clean and fresh


She Packets (25, 50, 200)

Hygienic Toilet Seat Wipes (100) or;

Personal Hygiene Wipes (100)



Height: 310 mm

Depth: 60 mm

Width: 160 mm


For Material Safety Data Sheet, please contact Anli Benade anlib@steiner.co.za / Skye Soutter skyes@steiner.co.za