Liquid Dispenser

Liquid Dispenser-White
Liquid Dispenser-Silver
  • Closed cartridge system to ensure no cross contamination when decanting
  • Top up option also available
  • Hidden locking system to prevent pilferage
  • Large view window for at-a-glance maintenance
  • Unit is neatly installed against the wall
  • No leaking or dripping


Pink Hand Soap (1l; 5l; 25l)

White Hand Soap (1l; 5l; 25l)

Anti-Bac Hand Soap (1l; 5l; 25l)

Hand Lotion (1l; 5l; 25l)

Shower Gel (1l; 5l; 25l)



Height: 310 mm

Depth: 105 mm

Width: 160 mm


For Material Safety Data Sheet, please contact Anli Benade / Skye Soutter