Integrated Pest Management Solution


Integrated Pest Management

Bidvest Steiner specialises in Integrated Pest Management Solutions and provides superior Pest Control and consultation services to a broad spectrum of commercial clients including, but not limited to, Food Manufacturers, Retail, Hospitality Industry, Facility Management Firms and Local Municipalities within South Africa and Neighbouring countries.


Bidvest Steiner has 30 branches situated across South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and operations in Namibia to ensure standardised services and processes for each and every client.  


Although only five years old, the Pest Control division within Bidvest Steiner is already a well established division ensuring effective management of various public health pests. The Pest Control division functions in full operation as a value added service to the already successful hygiene division and, as with hygiene, our pest control solutions are focused on customer service and satisfaction.  

What is integrated pest management?

With our nine-step Integrated Pest Management Solution (IPM), our Pest Control Officers (PCO) assists clients with a complete solution for the efficient management of pest activities. The IPM Solution consists of the following processes to ensure a pest free environment:

  1. Inspection of the site, internal and external, will be done to indentify the target pests and the level of infestation found on site
  2. Identification of the target pest is critical as this will assist with the treatment methods and recommendations to eradicate the infestation quickly and efficiently
  3. Evaluation of the infestation and target pest will assist with a proper treatment plan to be implemented in order to eradicate the infestation
  4. Elimination of the target pest can be done by using chemical treatment, housekeeping and pest-proofing recommendations
  5. Restriction – implementing the pest-proofing and housekeeping recommendations
  6. Monitoring the pest infestation on a monthly basis assists with keeping the infestation to a minimum at all times
  7. Ongoing maintenance. Inspections and recommendations to be done
  8. Record keeping
  9. Quality Assessment Audits



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