Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

  • Sanitise your hands without water, soap and towels
  • Proven 99.9% kill of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin, reducing cross-contamination and helping prevent the spread of diseases
  • Dries quickly and leaves a soft, non-sticky feel
  • Natural moisturising ingredients help retain the skin’s moisture
  • Touch free, sensor for increased hygiene 
  • Only top-up system available
  • Batteries serviced by trained Bidvest Steiner staff
  • Cartridge or top-up system
  • View window for at-a-glance maintainence 
  • Time delay on dispensing to prevent wastage
  • Low cost cost in use


Hand Sanitiser Gel (1l; 5l)



Height: 275 mm

Depth: 110 mm

Width: 135 mm

Skye Soutter skyes@steiner.co.za

For Material Safety Data Sheet, please contact Anli Benade anlib@steiner.co.za / Skye Soutter skyes@steiner.co.za