Pest Proof Your Place of Work


20 December 2017

Prevention is better than cure, so it is best to ensure that no pests make their way to your place of work. Taking a few preventative measures is all that’s needed and you can focus on what’s most important, your work. Steiner has compiled these just for you.

Inspect the Indoors


Check for cracks on skirting boards and cupboards. Check if there are any water leaks under sinks. Check the water supply lines and pipes. Fix clogged drains. Check if the bathrooms are leak-free as there should be no excess moisture.

Maintain Your Yard

You can start where most pests come from, the outside. Depending on the size of your office and whether your space is shared or not, this is dependant on the size of your workspace, you could be in an office park, a shopping centre or a stand-alone building. Regardless of size, keeping clean must not just be for the indoors but the outdoors too. You can apply a barrier treatment with insecticides, all around your building. Focus on the areas around windows, doors and the foundation where most posts could be hibernating. Seal roof gaps, add some lights in the dark spaces of your building as pests love dark spaces. This will prevent any pesky pests from infiltrating the office from the outside in.

Take the Trash Outside


Do not leave food out in the open, if you’re done eating, place the remaining food items in a closed container and then refrigerate or throw into the bin. Keep the bin closed tight, this will prevent attracting rats, flies, mice or cockroaches. Do not keep the trash bin indoors for long, take it outside at regular intervals.

Get Professional Help

Once you’ve spotted a pest in your business premises, know that there could be more than just that one tiny discovery. Something must be done before damage to your product or client relationship can even take place. Steiner’s Integrated Pest Management solution stops pests before they stop you. This can be coupled with a deep cleaning solution to make sure that optimum hygiene is maintained all around. Get in touch with us on 0860 10 11 80 or send an email on

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