Eating At Your Desk – Rules Of Engagement

Healthy eating

27 August 2015

The landscape of work has changed immensely. Work has become a lot faster paced, demanding deadlines and working in an ecosystem that can be compared to a high powered pressure cooker has contributed to many employees (and employers) to eat at their desk. While it is permissible, there is a certain etiquette that needs to be followed. Abide by it and it can potentially spare you from a sizable amount of time of arguing with annoyed or offended co-workers. Here are a few caveats to take note off…


Give The Smelly Fare A Miss

Nobody wants to sit next to a colleague who has a workstation which conjures a smell that is reminiscent of a late-night downtown delicatessen. Foods that have a pungent odour should be eaten outside of the office. Unwanted smells that permeate the office are about as appealing as a pair of Crocs. Opt for foods that are easier on the senses.


Clean Up That Mess

It’s fantastic that you ate to your heart’s content but however, your desk is now reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic scene. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but if you dropped crumbs, spilt sauce, etc., you best clean up. A dirty workstation is extremely off-putting and an eyesore.


Avoid Noisy Snacks

Steer clear from snacks that make a loud noise when you chew it. When somebody is emitting sounds from chewing – it can become extremely distracting. Rather try to eat snacks that are softer and easier to chew.


Eat at Regular Hours

If you are able to – eat lunch during the typical lunch period. If you can stick to eating during this period, you will be less likely to attract attention to yourself and even less likely to annoy your colleagues.


Be Tolerant Of Interruptions

Eating at your workstation does not guarantee that you will be exempted from interruptions. If you are approached by a colleague, while eating, politely tell him or her that you are in the middle of lunch but you will be glad to assist when you are done. If it is
really urgent, assist your office-mate there and then. It may be a bit of an inconvenience but your stock as a colleague and an employee will go up.

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