How to choose the right hygiene service for your business

27 July 2017

There are many benefits to investing in a professional hygiene service company.

Not only is a clean and hygienic working environment attractive to employees, it also leaves customers with a positive impression.

And while there are many professional hygiene service companies in South Africa, finding the perfect one for your business may be an overwhelming task.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of key factors that you should take into account before deciding on the perfect one.

  • Good reputation

Look for a hygiene company that has a great reputation. Do your research by asking other people about their experiences with the company in question, especially within industries that are similar to yours.

We also highly recommend that you search online reviews and take a few minutes to scroll through other people’s comments or criticisms. If the company has lots of negative reviews, chances are their services are not up to scratch.

Make an informed decision based on that.

  • Highly trained staff

Young cleaning staff working in a modern office

Our next point brings us to the staff that the company employs. These are the people on the ground that will be doing the physical hygiene work inside your commercial building or property.

A couple of key things to look out for:

  • Do they undergo stringent training?
  • Are they well presented, trustworthy, courteous and polite?
  • Are there processes and procedures in place that staff needs to adhere to?

Ask about what type of training the staff undergoes, who trains them, and how often their training is refreshed and updated.

If they are a reputable company, they will happily provide this information.

  • Accreditations and compliance

In South Africa, there are certain basic quality and safety standards that need to be met and maintained by manufacturers, distributors, resellers and companies that offer commercial cleaning, cleaning consumables and hygiene services.

These standards are called South African National Standards or SANS for short. They are governed by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards).

Industries, processes, products and services must ensure they comply with the relevant SANS to be legal.

When doing your research, establish if the hygiene company you are looking at hiring is SABS approved or not. This will indicate if the quality of their products and services meet a certain standard and whether or not they are legitimate and reputable.

  • Green cleaning

Green Spray Bottle with Leaf Spray for Environmentally Friendly Natural Cleaning Concepts. Isolated on White with a Clipping Path.

Today green cleaning is an option that most reputable hygiene companies offer.

They are often more cost effective than the harsher traditional cleaning chemicals as well as being a safer, more environmentally friendly option for customers and employees.

Find out if the company offers green cleaning products and services and whether they align with your company’s environmental goals.

  • Specialised chemicals, supplies and equipment

Different industries require different chemicals, supplies and equipment.

For instance, a healthcare facility or hospital may require stronger, more specific anti-bacterial chemicals and a more targeted in-depth cleaning process compared to a commercial office that may only require standard chemicals, equipment and processes.

Enquire about the chemicals, supplies and equipment needed to meet your specific business needs.

Depending on what industry you are in, they should be able to offer you a customised solution, and if not, you know what to do, avoid them at all costs.

The ultimate hygiene solution

Founded in 1954, Bidvest Steiner has grown into a national company with over 30 branches throughout Southern Africa and we tick all the boxes.

Our professional, highly trained staff and hygiene services are guaranteed to keep your building and offices hygienic, clean, and germ-free.

We provide a range of health and hygiene services from washroom accessory rentals to deep cleaning, dust control, pest control as well as hygiene, cleaning and office consumables sales.

Contact us today for any enquires you may have regarding hygiene solutions for your company or for a quote.



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