What is Integrated Pest Management?

22 January 2018

You may have read our previous blog about Integrated Pest Management or someone may have recommended it for your business, but do you really understand what it entails? Do you understand the benefits and what you should be getting from this service? Well, wonder no more, as we break it down to you. ... read more

Tips for Using Shared Bathrooms

22 January 2018

Shared bathrooms is not one of those things one can say they look forward to. We all know a person or two who would rather hold it till they get home but sometimes nature has the last say. So here are a few tips for those instances if you fit the latter.

Always Keep Tissue in Your Pocket

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Office Hygiene: 3 Vital Things You’re Forgetting to Do

22 January 2018

Office Hygiene: Appearance matters more than we think when it comes to business and keeping the office clean has tremendous benefits for your reputation and it has an overall positive impact on staff morale. There are however a few vital things that we tend to forget mainly because they are easy to ... read more

How to Keep Pests from Coming Back

22 January 2018

A freshly fumigated space means that everyone in that space can enjoy peace of mind and focus on what matters most, being productive. It sometimes happens that this moment is short lived and the reasons for this vary. We at Steiner have compiled a list of some of the habits that invite pests back in... read more

Pest Proof Your Place of Work

20 December 2017

Prevention is better than cure, so it is best to ensure that no pests make their way to your place of work. Taking a few preventative measures is all that’s needed and you can focus on what’s most important, your work. Steiner has compiled these just for you.

Inspect the Indoors

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The Best Hygiene Products for Your Office

20 December 2017

We all know that cleaning the office well and regularly is vital to keeping everyone in that space healthy. The office is used by a number of people from various backgrounds, therefore, a different grasp of hygiene. This is the reason having a hygiene policy in place is beneficial to all who use you... read more

Pest Prevalence in SA – Part 3

27 September 2017

This is the last article from our Pest Prevalence, Pest Series. We give you a run-down of the kinds of pests that you can look out for during the specified time period. In Part 2 of the series, we spoke of the various pests that are prevalent in that time-pe... read more

World Environmental Health Day 2017

22 September 2017

In August we looked at the different types of Common Office Bacteria, ways to prevent it and of course a list of Steiner solutions. As we near World Environmental Health Day, 26 September 2017, we get you up to speed and ready for the celebr... read more

Common office bacteria

29 August 2017

Last month we explained the important factors to consider when looking for the right hygiene service for your business . This month we’re going to switch perspective and look at common types of bacteria in the office. Ac... read more

Pest prevalence in SA – part 2

29 August 2017

Last month we launched Part 1 of our Pest Prevalence series, if you haven’t already, take a look. Over the next few months we’ll be running a series of articles to help break down which pests are most common in certain seasons, so ... read more

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