Bidvest Steiner Plays Grinch to Feed Animals This Xmas


27 May 2015

One of the country’s leading hygiene services companies, Bidvest Steiner, decided not to dole out Christmas gifts last month, preferring instead to donate R30 000 worth of dog and cat food to three animal charities. The organisations that benefitted were Durban SPCA, Pug Rescue Johannesburg and Uitsig Animal Rescue in Cape Town.


“Although focused on helping to make people-based environments more hygienic, safe and pleasant places in which to interact, Bidvest Steiner is also concerned about the welfare of animals,” said Rika van Rooyen of Bidvest Steiner.


According to animal charities around South Africa, December is a particularly difficult month for dogs and cats. As the fireworks season gives way to the festive season, increasing numbers of animals are abandoned by owners going on holiday. We’re hoping Bidvest Steiner’s donation of food help made December a little more pleasant for many of the country’s animals cared for by shelters,” concluded Ms Van Rooyen.

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